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Original Games by BetFury

Welcome to the most amazing online casino category. This is a collection of 16 unique games created by the BetFury developers just for you! Of course, the main character in many of them is Mr. Fury, who will be happy to help you master each of the entertainment and win a lot of crypto.

How has the category evolved?

Three years have passed since the beginning of the formation of the first gaming activities on BetFury. In the first stage, our team launched 4 In-house games, Dice, Crash, Circle, Plinko. We’ve produced our own vision of the top casino games. After that, we did not stop and continued to delight users with unique entertainment and ideas. The category games became more and more famous and became the symbol of our platform. Battles, Tournaments of large events, and even the "Weekly Big Wins" of our users cannot exist without In-house games winnings. That is why, for real Betfurians, these 16 games have become so close to the heart.

Variety of In-House Games:

They are unique, but at the same time, they combine many legendary games. If you go to Mines, you will see the classic Minesweeper in front of you, if you look into Crash, you will recognize the first online gambling games where you make sure that your character's action lasts as long as possible. In general, the essence is in the unchanged classics, seasoned with unique features from our developers and wide crypto betting opportunities. As it was mentioned earlier, there are 16 games in the category. Let's give each of them a brief description:

  • Dice – a legendary dice game where you have to choose a range and win at random.
  • Space Dice – a space version of Dice, a game where the laws of space just don't work.
  • Ring – another space game, a wheel of fortune that will help you hit amazing odds.
  • Plinko – a pyramid where a ball falls from above, and the closer to the edge it falls, the greater the winnings.
  • Crash – ranger Fury is on a rocket, help him fly more meters to get even more crypto.
  • Fury Wild – the only In-house slot where wild wins are already waiting for you on the paylines.
  • Keno – a lottery from BetFury. Choose cells and let luck be on your side.
  • Cryptos – a game with cryptocurrencies, more matches - bigger multiplier.
  • Circle – an earthly wheel of fortune, one of the first games on BetFury 1.0.
  • Hi-Lo – a card game where you have to predict the next card.
  • Mines – a classic Minesweeper, where you should choose cells, hit diamonds, and avoid mines.
  • Stairs – you play as a raccoon, go up the stairs hoping that you won't be crushed by space boulders.
  • CoinFlip – flip a coin and bet either on a golden raccoon or on silver stars.
  • Limbo – we have a lot of space games, fly on a rocket not up, but as far as possible, and get cool multipliers.
  • Triple – get on the right planets and luck will be on your side.
  • Tower – fill the tower with good sorcerers, not demons, and win crypto.

Game development continues to this day. Therefore, the number of games will continue to increase. Perhaps you will see brand new novelties and be able to play new versions of these masterpieces, who knows…

In-House Features on BetFury

First, there is something that puts our In-house games among the leaders of online casinos. This is an exorbitant RTP, which is the highest in all the crypto world. Our RTP reaches 99.02%. Go to this article in which we describe RTP and why a high value with the low house edge affects earnings so much.
Secondly, In-house games have features that improve the gameplay and allow you not to think about many unnecessary things. Here is a list of features that are found in certain entertainment:

  • Auto Mode: Do you have the strategy or want to win faster? Check out the special Auto Mode function. You can find it under the game window. Select the size of bets, the winning amount, and start to earn crypto.
  • Live Chart: Analyze statistics in Live Chart. Track of your bets and winning amounts. Data update occurs when you only log into the game.
  • Hotkey: The keyboard is your friend, especially if you're dealing with hotkeys. With it, you can replace the slow cursor and quickly select the desired game functions.
  • Fast Mode: If there is not enough speed, then pick up the Fast Mode. One, two, three, and you are already a rich crypto owner!

In-house Jackpot

There are 6 games in total with the opportunity to hit the Jackpot. These are Dice, Space Dice, Plinko, Crash, Circle, and Hi-Lo. They display the Jackpot rules and the prize pool in a separate window. Each game has its algorithm and its pool, which is constantly replenished from unsuccessful bets. In Plinko, for example, you need to add up a word, in Dice, a sequence of dice values. Although the rules are simple, it is difficult to knock out the coveted Jackpot and you will have to sweat a lot.

Gambling Fairness

Every bet is random! We do not affect the "luck" of the player, and this is easy to check on our honesty page. The procedure for checking the results of bets allows you to make sure that each bet is fair. All you need to do is click "Fairness", copy the hash of the next round, place your bet and check if the hashes match. Therefore, this is how you can prove to yourself that our online system is transparent and fair. Find more information about the provably fair principle on the Fairness page.

Mining on BetFury

BetFury has an excellent BFG Mining solution! You gamble in our casino games – we give you tokens. The more you play – the more we pay! It’s extended to all In-house games. Learn all about Mining and increase your game skill.

Cryptocurrency Bets

On BetFury, you can play for any available cryptocurrencies, for BTC, ETH, TRX, USDT, etc. One of the main features and differences of In-house games from the rest is the minimum bet, which is equal to 0.00000001 in any cryptocurrency! Isn't that cool? You can not only gradually get used to online games, but also easily learn different strategies. Mine, Stake crypto, and play In-house games to become a rich crypto owner.

Welcome Pack for Newbies

If you are a beginner, register on BetFury. Get the awesome Welcome Pack, using which you will not only have the goal of picking up all the cool Bonuses, but at the same time, you will learn to win in In-house Games! Also, new users can register with a bonus code and get free spins and no deposit bonus. Besides, you will have your own Bonus Cabinet, in which, in addition to the Welcome Pack, exclusive and quite profitable crypto offers will appear.

In-house Games Events

The platform hosts a lot of cool challenges, battles, and more. All 16 In-house games are used in most of them. You shouldn't miss a single competition, right? Follow all Events on our social networks.