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Key metrics

Name:BFG token
Contract address:View Contract
Chain:BNB Chain (BEP20)
Total emission:5 000 000 000 BFG
Total circulation:0 BFG
Total staked:0 BFG
Total unstaked:0 BFG
Total burnt amount:0 BFG
From total supply:NaN%
Burn contract

About BFG

BFG is the internal token of BetFury platform launched on BNB Chain. BFG’s unique mining solution, by placing bets, and Staking opportunity became a hallmark of the BetFury project. Once you’ve got and hold BFG tokens on BetFury you can receive a part of the platform's profit from the Staking pool.

CertiK Audit

BFG is certified by CertiK - the leading blockchain security company. Having great trust from users, we received the official confirmation of reliability and security.
Check BFG Audit

How to get BFG?

Play games

Win BFG tokens by playing games on BetFury. Enjoy fun gaming & betting on BFG token! ❗️


BFG can be purchased on one of the TOP exchanges. Biswap exchange is the fastest and easiest way to buy BFG.

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Token economics

5BTotal supply

BFG Mining

Mining on BetFury — the system of obtaining BFG tokens.
With each bet BFG tokens are automatically added to your balance.

Mining price

Mining price of each currency depends on the BTC exchange rate at Binance and rises after every 50 000 000 BFG tokens mined. Track how mining price changes on the Staking page. The earlier you start mining the more tokens you will get.

Original games:

0 USDT / 1 BFG
+10% (Increasing)

Slots games:

0 USDT / 1 BFG
+10% (Increasing)
⚠️ To reduce the load on mining and ensure its correct process the min bet for mining BFG is $0.01 in any currency

BFG Staking

Staking is the system of multicurrency daily drops for all BFG token holders. Every 24 hours, the Staking pool releases 3% of the total profit of the platform in each currency. The amount is shared among all users who hold BFG tokens. The more BFG tokens, the greater Staking income! BFG token became a tradable asset! Buy and Sell BFG tokens anytime!

All tokens mined before going to exchange are available for trading. New tokens will be locked for withdrawals. The user will be able to get Staking rewards and play with BFG until the tokens are unlocked.

BFG Usage

🎰 Gaming

Play games to get BFG! Tokens are also available for gaming & betting with min bet from 0.00000001

🎲 Staking

Multicurrency daily Staking drops just for holding BFG

📈 Trading

Buy & Sell BFG tokens on TOP exchanges.

🕹 Farming

Get more BFG tokens for Staking them on a smart-contract. Enjoy passive earnings!

💰 Cashback

Play your favourite games, level up your Rank and get some BFG back!

🪂 Airdrops

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